Essex Chimney Sweep since 1959

Using a combination of traditional sweeping methods combined with a powerful vacuum system, loose debris is removed from the lining of the chimney.

As a family run business, now in it’s third generation, Bonds Super Clean has offered a chimney sweep service in Essex since its formation in 1959.

From one off visits through to yearly call-outs our services are available to both domestic and commercial customers alike. We also undertake regular contract work for a number of established local fire/stove showrooms in the region.

We combine traditional rod and brush sweeping methods with modern, fast and non-invasive vacuum cleaning technology to ensure that there is minimal disruption to your house leaving everything clean and tidy the way we find it.

We have been using this combination of chimney sweeping methods for many years and have found this to be the most effective and efficient way to ensure that your chimney is left clean and that soot and debris are fully removed. Do beware of people offering “power sweeping” as we have both witnessed first hand and heard horror stories about the damage that this can cause to the mortar and lining hidden inside your chimney.

Our custom made low profile bird and debris guards are barely visible from ground level . . .
Bonds can supply and fit an exclusive range of custom made to measure bird guards to protect your chimney from birds nests and debris.

Our service will help to ensure that not only will your fire burn efficiently but also safely. If you burn smokeless fuel/anthracite please CLICK HERE and ensure you read our advise on using this fuel in your stove or fire.

Bonds are also specialists in the removal of birds nests and debris from flues and chimneys. Using specialist tools, they remove blockages caused by birds nests which could endanger your safety. More can be read about this in our Fire Safety pages.

We also supply and fit an exclusive range of custom made to measure bird guards and chimney cowls along with their fitting. Our custom made low profile unobtrusive galvanised bird guards are locally manufactured to our very own high specifications and custom built to fit your chimney. This should help to prevent any future blockages being created by birds and also from loose debris falling into your chimney – to find out more CLICK HERE.

Bonds are specialists in cleaning wood burners such as the Pioneer range offered by Clearview Stoves
Bonds are specialists in cleaning wood burners such as the Pioneer range offered by Clearview Stoves

Our sweeps also clean wood and solid fuel burning stoves ensuring they are burning efficiently and removing waste gases and soots as required. These compact stoves have recently seen an increase in interest and subsequent installation and it is important that fires of this nature are regularly maintained and inspected.

It is recommended that you should have any chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year to ensure there are no build-ups of soot and debris which can pose a fire hazard. The sweep will also ensure that your chimney is free and clear of any debris that may have fallen into it or birds and their nests which may have dropped down into it. Blockages not only pose a fire risk but they also prevent the free flow of air and may result in the build-up of carbon monoxide which sadly we hear all too much about in the news.

Don’t put the safety of your house and family at risk, if you are looking for a chimney sweep in Colchester then contact the Bonds team today on 01206 571611.